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Video On Your Website


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps video is worth a million! Video can improve your business through the following avenues:

  • Videos can serve (thus retain) customers by providing them with instructions, product information, and customer service.
  • Videos can quickly and easily convey selling points on your site.  (According to research by Mayer and Anderson*, if you stimulate the auditory and visual senses using video, you increase your viewers’ comprehension/ understanding of your message or pitch by 74%.)
  • Relevant videos posted properly on YouTube** provide a huge marketing advantage.  YouTube exceeds 2 billion view a day!  It is one of the most cost effective marketing avenues.
  • Videos can help improve your search engine rankings.  From 2007 on, video has been a factor in search rankings on Google.  If you add keywords and tags to your videos, you will increase your SEO even more, thus increasing appropriate web traffic.

Acacia Web Design will incorporate an existing video into your web design, or your web designer can create a video such as the one above, with editing and features such as transitions, music, and headings.  You can provide the video footage or photos for the clips, or Acacia can find and select, facilitate, or record your material.  Each project is unique, so discuss your needs with your web designer to get a cost estimate.


Acacia website video examples include:



*Richard E. Mayer and Richard B. Anderson

** It is recommended to host videos on a third-party hosting service like YouTube, to save on storage and bandwidth issues, to obtain proper format and compression for all platforms, because it saves time, effort and money, and because it provides marketing benefits.